Tulip Planting Tips

Most tulips aren't perennial rebloomers, which is why May in Montclair provides bulbs every fall. The tulips will grow in most soils, but if the ground is a low point where water collects, the bulbs will decay. Prepare the area for planting by digging and turning the soil until loose. If the soil is tightly packed and breaks into clumps, work in some organic compost.

Plant the bulbs in groups or clusters for a more effective display. And rather than digging individual holes, dig the area and then backfill once the bulbs are in place. Plant bulbs 8" deep and 4 to 6" apart pointy side up, root plate down.

Plant now and up until the ground freezes. It's true, May seems a long way off, but all the work this fall means spectacular color in the spring.

Thank you for all your efforts toward another beautiful May in Montclair.

tulip bulbs