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May in Montclair Calendar of Events


MASTERCLASS Pt. 2: Behavior Planning

MASTERCLASS Pt. 2: Behavior PlanningSponsored by C3Workplace. 26 Park Street, Montclair, NJ 07042. 12:00PM. Here’s the truth – we have virtually zero control over our results. Yep, you heard me right. BUT … we have 100% control over our behavior and the right actions lead to better results. Period.

During this one hour lunch and learn [whatever] we will continue our work on the One Page Business Plan with a specific focus on both the behavior and mindset of prospecting. Topics we will cover include:

Niche marketing
Social media best practices
Thought Leadership & Building centers of influence
The power of CRM and why it’s essential
Accountability and tracking behavior
The goal: keeping your pipeline FULL no matter what’s happening (or not happening) in your marketplace.

“Here’s what I know for sure: I took a 6-month course on how to write business plan before opening my company. I just about turned myself inside out. But, it helped me to raise the funding I needed to open and has been a cornerstone of my success ever since. I call on that planning skill set again and again. It is the foundation on which I’ve built a company that runs without me.” -Donna Miller, Founder C3Workplace

Donna Miller, 26+ year business owner and highly sought-after business growth consultant, presents her first ever Master Class to teach you, step by step, how to write your own One Page Business Plan. It’s a very simple approach to creating your roadmap to success.

Who should attend:

Aspiring Entrepreneurs who need to beta test their start up idea
Start- ups who have taken the plunge and now must create strategies for success
Business Owners who want, or need, to up level their results
Solopreneurs who aspire to build organizations that will run without them involved in the day to day
You will learn Four Critical Building Blocks of successful companies:

Financial foundations – avoid the #1 mistake business owners make and how to course correct (lack of financial literacy, paying yourself first, charging what you are worth / as if you are already hiring someone to do the work)
How to keep your sales pipeline full (target and niche marketing)
Creating higher prospect to client conversion ratios and close more sales (referrals)
How to avoid the peaks and valleys of income and cash flow on the road to building a company that runs without you. (behavior planning)
During this 60-minute interactive class, for the first time ever, Donna will share the World’s Simplest One Page Business Plan© and the exact formula you can apply to drive results and success!

Whether you’re running your business without a plan or ready to simplify your current business plan, you will leave this Master Class with a plan that is rooted in financial literacy and the key behaviors that will impact your bottom line. Reservations / registration required. For more info: https://www.c3workplace.com/event-registration/?ee=118, kelly@c3workplace.com, 9737837900. Free.


MASTERCLASS Pt. 3: The Power of Influence

MASTERCLASS Pt. 3: The Power of InfluenceSponsored by C3Workplace. 26 Park Street, Montclair, NJ 07042. 12:00PM. Your brand is built on your story. When you build your brand, you elevate your leadership status. As you excel as a leader you become an influencer. As an influencer, you become a thought leader, the trusted advisor and a go-to resource.

Influence accelerates trust which drives better results. Period.

During this engaging and inspiring presentation, Donna will dive into the importance of building your confidence, walk you through the process of crafting your story, and help you capitalize on brand influence. She’ll also share strategies on building your platform, attracting partners, and creating influence that ultimately closes more sales and converts clients to cash. Reservations / registration required. For more info: https://www.c3workplace.com/event-registration/?ee=119, kelly@c3workplace.com, 9737837900. Free.