May in Montclair Tulip Project

To celebrate the 43rd year of May in Montclair we have distributed (and helped plant) 20,000 tulip and daffodil bulbs all over town.

With sincere thanks to our loyal Tulip Project Sponsors, volunteer planters and coordinators, including Cyndee Rowan, Celia Radek, Rob Bianco and his staff in the Community Services Department, Peter Giuffra, Dr. Gwen Ames and members of St. Paul's Church "People Serving People Big Adventure," the Montclair BID, and Conservancies & Friends Groups at Brookdale Park, Anderson Park, Nishuane Park, Canterbury Park, Watchung Plaza Park, Edgemont Park, Yantacaw Brook Park, Cody Field, Carlisle Woods and Rand Park. Thanks to the all the schools (Pre-K through University), churches, synagogues, Garden Club, Women's Clubs, Van Vleck, Libraries, Montclair Inn, First Montclair House, Montclair Historical Society, Montclair Art Musuem, YMCA, Mountainside Hospital, Post Office, and Firehouses that "planted ahead." This spring, the colorful blooms will offer a memorable "hats off" to long time volunteer Peter Giuffra.


and be listed as a Sponsor on our web site. Please fill out the form below and mail it with your check (suggested donation $15 or more) to:

May in Montclair
41 Watchung Plaza, #308
Montclair, NJ 07042

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Thank you to our 2021Tulip Donors

Our Valued Business and Organization Supporters

Bellevue Avenue Dental Associates

Dedicated to Jacqueline Mason

Friends Of Anderson Park

Montclair Community Band

Montclair Tree Experts

Montclair Women's Club

Partners For Health

The Teachers Club of Montclair

In memory of Jackie Brown, a beloved member of the teachers Club of Montclair

Town Auto Body

Upper Montclair Dental Associates

Woman's Club of Upper Montclair

Frances Adams

In memory of Jean Kidd

Penny and Mitchell Arons

John and Janice Benton

Gene Bloch

In memory of Joan and Jean

Gerald and Linda Blume

Josephine Bonomo

Carol Brown

In memory of Jean Kidd, Betty Dallery, and Joan Bloch

Ellen and Robert Campbell

Dedicated to Catherine Howe

Deana and Robert Campion

In memory of Joan Bloch

Shirley M. Cobert

Patricia Colagiuri

In memory of Jean Kidd

Susanne and Jim Connors

Kathleen Comini

The Aitken Family

Molly Cotton

In memory of Peter Cotton

Laura Couchman

In memory of my Mom, Jean Kidd

Maria and Jerry W. Czin

Grace and John DePaola

Michael and Eileen Diaz

Maureen Donahoe

Emer Featherstone

In memory of Jean Kidd

Susan Helman and Michael Frank & Family

Blaine and Lynda Frantz

Ethelyn L. Fulton

In memory of all those who have lost their lives to Covid

Alica and Peter Giuffra

Laurie and Bruce Goodman

Lisanne Renner and Adam Grace

Randy Simon & Lee Greenberger

Judy Greene

Gloria and Ralph Grieco

Donna and Jim Hains

In dedication to Susan Moore

Peter and Deborah Hirsch

In dedication to The Garden Club of Montclair

Eric and Diana von Hoffmann

Robert and Cheryl Jackson

Elizabeth Jefferson and Bob Petrus

Dedicated to Carla Horowitz

Mary Lee and Dave Jones

In memory of Jean Kidd

The Keating Family

John Kidd

In memory of Jean Kidd

Maxim Klimov

Carolyn Lack

In memory of Jean Kidd

Susan and Norman Ladov

Patricia LaDuca

James & Josephine LaDuca

Peter and Bebe Landis

In memory of Jean Kidd

Mary Ann and Cliff Lindholm

Karen McCarthy

In memory of Mary Francis Henderson

Teddie McKee

In memory of Joan Bloch

Robert & Peggy McMillan

Dedicated to Mary McMillan - the essense of a Montclair Lady

Oneida Mendez-Laws

Barbara and Robert Meyer

Joyce Michaelson

In memory of Cyndee's parents

Jory and Deborah Miller

Robert and Joyce Mims

In memory of Jean Kidd

Sherri Neuwirth

Janet Orr

Adelaide Palmer

Paul and Mary Ellen Palmeri

Susie Price

Celia Radek

In memory of Joan Bloch

Marguerite Rieder & Gimi Giustina

Marcia S. Rogers

Maggie Rothman

Christine and Bob Russo

Daryl E. Savage

Robin and Ken Schlager

Virginia Scott Fleming

The Simons Family: John, Dana, and Ella

Rita Singer

Mayor Sean Spiller

Stocks Family Fund

Derek Stordahl and Jody Suden

Sarah Stransky and Robin Vitullo

Patty and Tage Strom

Michele Tomasik

For Dorothy

C.Y. and Bill Treene

Michele and Cal Trevenen

In memory of Jean Kidd

Judy and Bill Turner

Sharon Burton Turner and Lincoln Turner

Viridian Incorporated

Karen and Larry Whitehaus

Margaret Whitsett

Leslie and Barry Wiesner

Clare and Mike Winchester

Dedicated to Monique Talabac in Anderson Park

Hal and Brigitte Wolkoff

In memory of Lawrence Wolkoff

Councilor Peter Yacobellis

Kamie Zaracki

May in Montclair Tulip & Daffodil Plantings

May in Montclair tulip and daffodil bulbs are planted all over town. Stroll around and enjoy the beautiful blooms!

  • Bloomfield Avenue
  • Crane Park
  • Edgemont Park
  • Tuers Park
  • Kaveny Field
  • Eire Park
  • Town Hall
  • Watchung Park
  • Mountainside Park
  • Canterbury Park
  • Nishuane Park
  • Fortunato Field
  • Orange Road/Harrison/Union Street parkway
  • Fullerton/Gates/Melrose parkway
  • Montclair High School
  • Buzz Aldrin Middle School
  • Glenfield Middle School
  • Renaissance at Rand
  • Bradford School
  • Bullock School
  • Edgemont School
  • Hillside School
  • Nishuane School
  • Northeast School
  • Watchung School
  • Rand Park
  • Montclair Pre-K
  • Montclair Cooperative School
  • Deron School
  • Lacordaire
  • Montclair Kimberley Academy
  • Montclair State University
Park Conservancies and Friends Groups
  • Brookdale Park Conservancy
  • Friends of Anderson Park
  • Edgemont Park Conservancy
  • Neighbors of Watchung (Watchung Plaza)
  • Canterbury Park Friends
  • Yantacaw Brook Conservancy
  • Carlisle Woods
  • Cody Field
All Around Town
  • United Way Building
  • Montclair Public Library – Main and Bellevue Branch
  • Crane House
  • Montclair Post Office - Glenridge Avenue
  • YMCA Park Street and Geyer Family Center
  • South End Business District
  • Homecorp
  • First Montclair House
  • Montclair Art Museum
  • The Montclair Inn
  • Montclair Women's Club
  • Van Vleck House & Gardens
  • Women's Club of Upper Montclair
  • The Citadel – Salvation Army
  • Pine Street Fire Station
  • Harrison Avenue Fire Station
Churches & Temples
  • Central Presbyterian
  • Church of Christ
  • Shomrei Emunah
  • First Congregational
  • First Lutheran
  • First Methodist
  • Friends Meeting House
  • Immaculate Conception
  • St. Lukes
  • St. James
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
  • St. Cassian's
  • St. Mark's
  • St. Paul's
  • St. Peter Claver
  • Trinity Presbyterian
  • Montclair Community Church
  • Union Congregational
  • Grace Presbyterian
  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation
  • Bnai Keshet
  • Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair
  • Kingdom Hall
  • Unity of Montclair